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Learn To Swim

Everybody needs to know how to swim. Whether it is for a trip to the beach or preparing to enter national service, swimming is a life skill. And always knowing and being prepared is half the battle won.

At Joysfin Swimming, we believe the best time to start swimming is from young. Our swimming lessons are built around three fundamental aspects we feel are most important to help you become a complete swimmer. First, we believe in helping you overcome your fear of water to build up your water confidence. Next, we will refine your swim stroke so you can become more efficient at swimming. Third, we help you practice your swim stroke so swimming becomes instinctual regardless of the scenario.

We don’t just teach you how to swim; we prepare you for when you need to. We will bring out the swimmer in you.


Professional Swimming Instructors that teach anyone, anywhere

Our swimming instructors can teach at any swimming pool in Singapore. Whether you stay in the north, the east or the west, we will match you with a swimming instructor that not only understands your needs, but will ensure your swimming lessons are always at a convenient venue. We pride ourselves on having the best swimming instructors who are flexible in all areas.

With the option of both private and group swimming classes, Joysfin Swimming classes goes all out to meet your every needs. Our private, individual lessons will ensure our coaches give you the undivided attention you or your child deserves, allowing you to learn at your own pace. And our group swimming classes provides a fun, relaxing environment that allows you or your child the opportunity to make more friends while still learning an important skill.

We teach people of all age groups. So whether you want swimming lessons for your baby, your child or just to learn swimming for yourself, we have a curriculum that is tailored around your needs through our different swimming courses.

We teach swimming anywhere (including condominiums too), any time, for everyone. So let us help you reach your fullest swimming potential.