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Lifesaving Course

lifesaving courses

Probably one of the more underrated but extremely useful lessons, our lifesaving course prepares you for when someone needs saving. Our life saving course provides a way to learn lifeguarding in a manner approved by the Singapore Life Saving Society.

Our lifesaving course is split into various stages and certification – lifesaving 1, lifesaving 2, lifesaving 3 for the basic and practical application, followed by the Bronze Medallion and CPR certification courses that will give you full lifeguard certification. Further training in Bronze Cross, Award with Merit, and Lifesaving Teacher can also be obtained to further mastering of skills.

But even if you don’t wish to acquire full certification to become a lifeguard, just knowing the basic Life Saving Course material can be extremely helpful and may make things a little safer when you swim with your loved ones or friends at the beach or pool.

Female swimming instructors are available upon request. Course fees are dependent on swimming proficiency. Call to enquire.