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Swimming Lessons for Kids


Don’t let your kid suffer in his later years by not teaching them how to swim from young. Swimming teaches children essential safety and skills that may one day save their life. It also builds up their confidence in other areas by adding on to their accomplished skills and provides them an opportunity for further challenges which is great for self-esteem.

Our swimming lessons for children equips them first with the most basic and fundamental skills required to swim, before moving on to teach them more advanced techniques and strokes. We offer two types of courses - private courses where our coaches provide undivided attention and nurture your child into the swimmer he or she can be, and our group SwimSafer Courses that will train them and award them different level of certification for each of the 3 stages they complete. Female swimming instructors are available upon request.

To understand more about our SwimSafer programme, simply click here to know more.

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