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Swimming Lessons for Adults


Probably more popular than most people think, taking swimming lessons as an adult is nothing to be shy about.

At Joysfin, our swimming instructors have successfully taught countless of adults to swim. Our specially tailored swimming lessons are taught at suitable pace for adults to learn quickly and effectively and will see you swimming in no time. We provide two styles of lessons- group lessons with other adults where you can also make friends, and private lessons where more attention can be given to you.

For those just starting to learn how to swim, our swimming coaches will teach you water confidence and the basic strokes. Advanced swimmers can learn new swimming strokes and perfecting their stroke.

Alternatively, we also offer lifesaving courses for those who are comfortable swimming and would like to be able to save a life. Our lifesaving classes will teach you a variety of lifesaving techniques that you can use to help make a difference in someone's life. Female swimming instructors are available upon request.

Course Fees